It’s smooth and sultry, rhythmic and soulful like good Memphis music should be.





The PRVLG is the result of 22 years of shared DNA and music culture conspiring to create a new Memphis sound through twin brothers Christian and Christopher Underwood. As such, the duo has big ideas about what that sound should be, and they’re hard at work recording it for the world to hear.

“We were born into a musical family,” Christian explains, telling how their father launched their music career when they were still in diapers by bringing home real instruments for their third Christmas. They haven’t stopped making music together since. In fact, the pair has been an anchor for a number of Memphis’ best up-and-coming acts for several years and only recently broke away on their own.

“It took us a good year and half to get to where we are now,” says Christian. “We started off with two other people, it was going to be a four-piece band, but being twins we naturally write together since we live together and we wound up writing all the music.” Over the span of the next few months, the four became two and The PRVLG was born.

Now, with Christian on bass guitar and Christopher on drums, both sing and write all the music, hiring additional musicians in as needed to bring the sound in their head to life. The twins credit Memphis as being their muse and local legends such as Otis Redding, Al Green, Justin Timberlake and the entire Stax catalog can be heard in every note.  

The intro of their upcoming single, “What You’re Missing,” bounces you right into the happy zone with percolating organ notes before lulling you into an easy sway. Christopher describes their sound as an R&B foundation with hints of funk and soul, but there’s still something infectiously optimistic in every note coming from the speakers when you listen to The PRVLG. It’s smooth and sultry, rhythmic and soulful like good Memphis music should be, but it maintains a resounding pop that picks it up off the floor and slingshots it into the clouds.

“Creating the feels and grooves and melodies that I know will get stuck in people's heads is the greatest thrill for me,” says Christopher, hinting at how the sound is crafted to catch.

The University of Memphis seniors are as dedicated as musicians can be to their craft. Both are graduating from music business programs this December, but already have a national tour under their belt with fellow Memphis musician, Ethan Healy, and have spent countless hours backing other acts in recent years.

“Pretty much everything we do is music now,” Christian says. “We worked in regular jobs for a while and decided we never wanted to do that again, so we’re full-time musicians. That’s all we do.”

The pair represents the foundation of a new cultural renaissance in the Bluff City. They are the next generation of the Memphis sound. After a young career launched working with other artists and other bands, The PRVLG is ready to raise their own voice and make a name for themselves and the city they love.